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Insurance Claims

Every day, we interact with different insurance companies and we understand the entire process. We can come in at any stage of your roof insurance claim and offer the right support and take over the stress and hassle and move forward with ease and speed. Whether it is a roof repair emergency or roof replacement, we will be as diligent as ever and efficient as always. Insurance processes can be tedious and complex, we have the experience of getting things moving and finalizing the process in no time to your satisfaction.

We offer advice to homeowners on insurance claims for roofs and before you file a claim with your insurance company, we highly encourage you to contact us first. We will conduct a thorough analysis and inspection of your roof and assess the damage using our specialized drone and thermal imaging camera to see through even the smallest of cracks.

Our expert roofing inspectors are trained and with our specialized equipment, they identify all manner of damage on your roof. We have assisted many homeowners with hail damage to roof insurance claims, roof insurance claims for roof leaks, and roof replacement insurance claims. First, we will provide a free roof inspection to establish if your roof qualifies for a roof replacement from your insurance company. Then, we will recommend to you the best and most appropriate next course of action of the roof insurance claim process to get your roof repairs and replacement done as soon as possible.

Let us help you repair your roof and get back your home comfort!

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